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Credit: Bhoomesh Tak

Bhoomesh Tak (AT)

When a ray of white light enters a prism, it exits split into its constituent elements. Each resulting color’s unique character is brought out and demonstrated through its interaction with the prism, thanks to the qualities of the light, as an active element, and those of the prism, as the passive element. The individual colors, though each distinct in its character, make up an essential part of the original condition.

A parallel can be drawn to the notion of conscious identity, the notion of an “I”. An individual being is what it is wholly onto itself, but when something as complex as consciousness appears then there is necessarily a system of interconnected characteristics that make up the “I”. The performance explores this concept in practice. It uses a physical installation with a simple Platonic geometry to act as a prism, into which passes the concept of an “I”, which is then split into four parts—movement, sound, speech, and sight—to illustrate a closed circuit of connection between them.

The movement is expressed through a dancer wearing VR goggles, whose task is to interpret the visual output of a visual artist, whose task is to interpret the words of a narrator, whose task is to interpret the sounds of a musician, who bases his improvisation on the movements of the dancer. A feedback loop thereby occurs, with the individual performer’s output becoming their input, filtered through the others.


Performers: JasKaran Singh Anand, Ben Olsen, Chris Bruckmayr, Bhoomesh Tak
Backstage: Klaus Dieterstorfer, Stefan Fuchs, Dietmar Peter, Heinrich Klambauer