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Ars Electronica Gallery Spaces

The Ars Electronica Gallery Spaces were coined in response to growing mutual interest on the part of media artists, collectors and galleries as a setting for protagonists to compare experiences and to discuss, among other topics, such core issues as the long-term maintenance and conservation of media-art projects and the many new formats and business models manifesting themselves on the growing online art market.

Art Science: From Vision to Practice

In the first panel “Art Science: From Vision to Practice” Prof. Hiroshi Ishii from MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group will lead the discussion about the transdisciplinary nature of creative work that crosses art, design, science and technology.

Media Art and the Art Market II Round Table

On Friday, the Round Table discusses whether there is an existing market for media art. On Saturday, the participants talk about new technologies for presenting, collecting and storing media art.

STWST48x3: 48 Hours MIND LESS

An der Donau in Urfahr und unter dem Motto MIND LESS bietet STWST48x3, die dritte Ausgabe von STWST48, eine non-stop-48-Stunden-Showcase-Kunst-Extravanganza der expandierenden Art.