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A person’s outer appearance, which can be deliberately modified, is juxtaposed to their fragile, immutable inner beauty. A human being’s exterior is characterized by age, cultural influences, social background, facial expressions and many other factors, and people can change how they “beautify” themselves, to a certain extent.

Me/You/Us + AI

This lab encourages you to explore this by “coding” your body (and others) to perform a series of interactive, collaborative, and highly playful instructions, using lo-fi and low-tech materials. Get ready to transform into smart machines.

Until I Die

The large-scale project Until I Die is a hybrid installation that uses the artist’s blood, extracted and accumulated over a long period of time. The blood is used to generate electricity for a small sound synthesizer.

Teaching City

Teaching City is an experiential learning framework highlighting urban issues through playful interactions. It offers an antidote to the industrial-age pedagogy of the classroom, subverting the preconceptions of citizens through “knowledge interventions” embedded in urban spaces—the city is the teacher.


SynapSense is a performative installation heightening our bodily awareness. Sensorial understanding through enactment is revealed via three modes: explore, calibrate and create.

e-mot-ivat-ion—Feeling the Ex-Tension

The installation makes the im-mediate/d interaction in social situations felt by media—by sound-gestures mediating the hedonic value of bodily interactions and in this way creating common emotional environments.

All of Us

All of Us explores the aesthetics of scars to highlight their visual aspects and exhibit something that is usually not on display. Apart from the visible wound, scars are also constant reminders of injuries and events.