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Feminist Climate Change: Beyond the Binary Panel

When it comes to equal opportunities for women, things don’t seem to have improved too much in new media and technologies of late, and that holds true for the media-art genre as well. What initiatives are in place to remedy this situation and what can/should institutions contribute to a solution?


With the selected works, we aim to converge the issues in feminism with environmentalism. By framing the exhibition in this way, it is our hope to reinvigorate the eco-feminism that emerged in the 70s and was ignored for much too long. In this particular context, at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, we address the local and transnational issues of feminism in media arts and the global issue of climate change.

Hybrid Art – Glaciator

The Glaciator robot helps glaciers to grow again by compacting and crystallizing the snow into firn (the intermediate state between snow and glacier ice), thus accelerating the ice formation process. This means the glaciers can grow the ice mass again, which they have lost due to climate change.