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Make Do and Mend: Controlled Commodity

“Make Do and Mend: Controlled Commodity” references the 75th anniversary of the first use of penicillin in a human patient in 1941 and takes the form of an altered wartime woman’s dress marked with the British Board of Trade’s utility logo CC41, which stands for “Controlled Commodity 1941”.

Project KOVR

We humans are creating an enormous invisible network on top of our existing biosphere–the infosphere. The infosphere consists of networks and radio waves. lt’s our new, ever-expanding environment that is growing at a staggering rate.


Long ago in history was the belief that the four elements–fire, wind, water, and earth–could combine together as one to birth a never before known substance. Today, this is an unrealistic fantasy, however, by incorporating the latest in technology, the designer imagined the future of clothing in this collection.