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I’m Humanity

The project “l’m Humanity” is based on the concept of “post-humanity music” and explores how new music will be transmitted, recorded, mutated, and diffused whether sung or played via word of mouth, as scores, through radio, records and CDs, or cloud computing.

Make Do and Mend: Controlled Commodity

“Make Do and Mend: Controlled Commodity” references the 75th anniversary of the first use of penicillin in a human patient in 1941 and takes the form of an altered wartime woman’s dress marked with the British Board of Trade’s utility logo CC41, which stands for “Controlled Commodity 1941”.

Natural History of the Enigma

The central work in the Natural History of the Enigma series is a “plantimal”, a new life form that Eduardo Kac has created and which he calls “Edunia,” a genetically engineered flower that is a hybrid of the artist and a petunia.


Bi.xels is an affordable and accessible toolkit to allow everyone to design, create and monitor their own DNA programed display.

Semiotics of the Laboratory

Semiotics of the Laboratory aims to question the symbolic and semantic properties of laboratory practices when they are interpreted at face value—that is, merely through their visual observation, without the narrative that tries to explain their scientific meaning. It is a laboratory observing the interpretation of the laboratory practice itself.

Hybrid Art – The America Project

The America Project is a biotechnological art installation that produces a “collective genetic portrait.” For decades, DNA has been regarded as the sign of our individuality and identity. The artist applies the process of DNA gel electrophoresis to show that the DNA of humans is actually nearly identical.