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Future in a Nutshell – Future for All

“Future in a Nutshell – Future for All” stands for an intensive examination of the most important technological developments that are imminent over the course of the coming decade. Internationally renowned experts from various fields present highly relevant topics in concise keynotes. They highlight the most important technical research areas that are about to change our lives, our economy and our society far beyond the reach of past technological trends.


There is always a child living inside our mind. Jean-Jacques Rousseau might have called the child Émile or Sophie. This child has eternally coexisted with us and always gazed back at our heart. How do we define growing up? Or have we never grown older?

BR41N.IO Hackathon

The BR41N.IO Hackathon brings together engineers, programmers, physicians, designers, artists and fashionistas to collaborate intensively as an interdisciplinary team. They plan and produce their own fully functional EEG-based brain-computer interface headpiece to control a drone, a Sphero or e-puck robot or an orthosis with motor imagery.

Advent VR

Assume control over a drone, stranded on an alien planet.

Swarm Compass

The basic concept behind Swarm Compass is to help people navigate by utilizing swarm intelligence. Going beyond simple signage to swarmbased social communication services is a task that the Japanese telecommunications company NTT and the Ars Electronica Futurelab have cooperatively invested in by using the Spaxels.