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Media Art and the Art Market II Symposium

The Media Art and the Art Market Symposium faces the challenge of collecting media art—especially the conservation of media art—and presents innovative methods and formats for the management, preservation and exhibition of media art.

You are President

You are President is a game in which the player is the head of government of a fictitious country. His decisions have an impact on six factors: diplomacy, the economy, the budget, popularity among the citizenry, the environment, and the armed forces. The object of the game is to successfully take actions to effectively manage the affairs of state. All of these factors are reflected by scores, which the player’s various decisions can influence either positively or negatively.

Media Art and the Art Market II Round Table

On Friday, the Round Table discusses whether there is an existing market for media art. On Saturday, the participants talk about new technologies for presenting, collecting and storing media art.