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Zukunftsperspektiven: eine Frage des Geldes?

Was hat das Leben eines Steuerflüchtlings mit dem eines Kriegsflüchtlings zu tun? In der Ausstellung erhalten die handelnden Personen ein Gesicht. Ihre inneren Monologe bilden den Ausgangspunkt, um über Verteilungsgerechtigkeit und Zukunftsperspektiven nachzudenken.

Featured Artists: Time’s Up

A new generation of artists emerged in Linz in the 1990s, where, as you might expect in a town of heavy industry, they began concentrating on the technological changes happening in our habitat. Particularly noteworthy is the Time’s Up collective headquartered in the “idyllic” setting of Linz Harbor. The group, which has gone on to make a name for itself worldwide, is this year’s Featured Artist. The Lentos Art Museum will showcase its work.


The Zukunftswerkstatt (FutureWorkshop) is the place to produce your own short films, reportage, blogs and animated clips. From brainstorming to shooting to editing to presenting the final cut—crews work together to bring a project to fruition.