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I’m Humanity

The project “l’m Humanity” is based on the concept of “post-humanity music” and explores how new music will be transmitted, recorded, mutated, and diffused whether sung or played via word of mouth, as scores, through radio, records and CDs, or cloud computing.

Natural History of the Enigma

The central work in the Natural History of the Enigma series is a “plantimal”, a new life form that Eduardo Kac has created and which he calls “Edunia,” a genetically engineered flower that is a hybrid of the artist and a petunia.

Hybrid Art – K-9_topology

What are we? Where do we come from and where are we going? Maja Smrekar’s artistic work revolves around these eternal questions of humanity. The work series K-9_topology, winner of the Golden Nica, consists of the four consecutive projects shown here, which each focus from different perspectives on the essence and the role of human beings and especially the role of a woman in increasingly tough bio political conditions of the present times.

Hybrid Art – Microbial Design Studio: 30-day Simit Diet

The Microbial Design Studio (MDS) was designed by researchers from the Design Class and the Biology Institute of the University of Pennsylvania with experts from industry. It is intended to allow laypeople to inform themselves about genetically modified organisms and the practices of transgenic design.

Hybrid Art – The America Project

The America Project is a biotechnological art installation that produces a “collective genetic portrait.” For decades, DNA has been regarded as the sign of our individuality and identity. The artist applies the process of DNA gel electrophoresis to show that the DNA of humans is actually nearly identical.

Recent decades have brought human genetics from laboratory studies to mainstream commercial products. Today’s genetic research is a multi-billion industry based on the indisputable value of scientific output for the pharmaceutical industry.

Experts Tour: Controlled Commodities: Ethics and Materiality

Explore the artworks and projects on show at POSTCITY that raise complex ethical issues about developments in science and technology, either in their use of materials or subject matter. Artist Anna Dumitriu will also introduce her own project Controlled Commodity which explores antibiotic resistance and CRISPR gene editing.