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Until I Die

The large-scale project Until I Die is a hybrid installation that uses the artist’s blood, extracted and accumulated over a long period of time. The blood is used to generate electricity for a small sound synthesizer.

Natural History of the Enigma

The central work in the Natural History of the Enigma series is a “plantimal”, a new life form that Eduardo Kac has created and which he calls “Edunia,” a genetically engineered flower that is a hybrid of the artist and a petunia.

Hybrid Art – cellF

There is a surprising similarity in the way neural networks and analogue synthesizers work: both receive signals and process them through components to generate data or sound. cellF combines these two systems.

Hello Machine—Hello Human

When technologies reach obsolescence our relationship with them changes, but what never changes is our need to reach out to others, connect and share. But what if no one is on the other end of the line? Who is there to hear us?


Can machines totally replace humans, or is there a need for just the right combination of human and artificial intelligence—hybrid intelligence? We will turn our real-time onstage performance into a human vs. machine battle.