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Roads Less Travelled by . . .

The exhibition “Roads Less Travelled by . . .” features student projects from the Art and Technology course and the Erasmus Joint Master in Media Arts Cultures at Aalborg University. All student projects are the results of critical academic inquiries into art, technology and culture involving problem-based research and learning processes.


The project MIRROR OF MINDS is a video installation with hidden content that can be accessed by interaction with the viewer.

Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum Mobile is a composition for a twelve-channel sound installation. Twelve loudspeakers stand in a circle. Every second a note moves from one speaker to the next, clockwise.

Teaching City

Teaching City is an experiential learning framework highlighting urban issues through playful interactions. It offers an antidote to the industrial-age pedagogy of the classroom, subverting the preconceptions of citizens through “knowledge interventions” embedded in urban spaces—the city is the teacher.


SynapSense is a performative installation heightening our bodily awareness. Sensorial understanding through enactment is revealed via three modes: explore, calibrate and create.


_nybble_ is an audiovisual, formal and spatial performance in which the media fluctuate between minimal and organic digital aesthetics. Two poles on the same continuum.

e-mot-ivat-ion—Feeling the Ex-Tension

The installation makes the im-mediate/d interaction in social situations felt by media—by sound-gestures mediating the hedonic value of bodily interactions and in this way creating common emotional environments.

Computer Music & Media Composition

The three installations presented at the POSTCITY, laying out sonic spaces rather than musical sequences, reflect not only this fundamentally open approach to the question of what musical art is or could be these days, but also the media composition course’s deep integration into the university’s other fields of study.

Computer Animation / Film / VFX – Light Barrier 3rd Edition

In a field of fog and sound, Light Barrier generates animated, magical, spatial images in the air. These are created by hundreds of light rays refracted by mirrors. The six-minute sequence is a journey through the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and the human idea of space and time.

Summer Sessions

The Summer Sessions pop-up exhibition shows a selection of outcomes realized through the international exchange of emerging talents within the Summer Sessions network. Summer Sessions are short-term residencies for young and emerging artists, organized by an international network of cultural organizations.