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Theater and Digital Media – A Platform Event

In collaboration with the European Theatre Convention, Ars Electronica is hosting a special program to deepen the reciprocal exchange of practical experience about the work on the intersection of digital media and theater.


“expACT” is an interactive experimental project with a focus on media pedagogics. Through cooperation it facilitates a new way of learning programming interactively.

Ö1 Radiokunst—Kunstradio

In the course of Ars Electronica’s Big Concert Night at POSTCITY, Ö1 Radiokunst—Kunstradio will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a two-hour live broadcast from 10.05 pm to 12 am on September 10 as part of the Ö1 Kunstsonntag on Österreich 1.


Domas Schwarz’s installation Wachstropf showcases the beauty of natural processes and the transience of the environmental states that we have naturally grown accustomed to, and constitutes a metaphor for the works created in this world by nature and humankind.

Symposiumsreihe Perspektiven Politischer Bildung

„Ich mach’ mir die Welt, widiwidiwie sie mir gefällt …“ sang Pippi Langstrumpf in der legendären TV-Kinderserie der 60er- und 70er-Jahre des vorigen Jahrhunderts. Wie geht es Kindern, Jugendlichen, aber auch Erwachsenen heute, die in einer globalisierten und digitalisierten Welt aufwach(s)en?