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A3 K3

A3 K3 is a unique interactive experience. Artworks are created by machine technology and audience participation. Dragan Ilić uses an elaborate brain-computer interface (BCI) system where he controls a hi-tech robot with his brain via state-of-the-art technology.

Changing Pixels

How does an artificial intelligence actually process graphic information? Here the arrangement of countless quadratic pixels can be tried out the other way round.

Tagtool Launch Event

OMAi is very happy to invite you to the launch event for the new Tagtool app! It takes place on the opening day of Ars Electronica Festival on Thursday September 7th, 6pm at Central in Linz, and entry is free.

Point of View Lab

Walls and ceilings throughout PostCity are adorned with examples of anamorphosis, graphics that, at first glance, seem to be nothing more than arbitrary blotches of color. At the Painting Station, festivalgoers can get hands-on experience creating these distortions.