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NERVE – Lessons on Demand 

NERVE – Lessons on Demand is an up-to-date Web platform developed by Clemens Großberger and Thomas Übelacker. Their aim: Providing online access to previous classroom instruction that a student wishes to review.


This is a joint project by the crafts & trades guilds of Hittisau-Sibratsgfäll and Riefensberg-Krumbach together with the Hittisau Intermediate School. The aim is to encourage qualified youngsters to pursue a career in the crafts & trades and to help students find the occupation that’s right for them.

BNC – The Amazing Coco Girls

In a three-day animation film workshop offered by the Media High School at BORG15, this crew used a cut-out technique to produce BNC – The Amazing Coco Girls.


PSE-Lernspiele (PSE Learning Games) are fun ways to learn about the periodic table of the elements. The games involve cards, dice, atomic models, and other playful ideas. They’re for teachers to use in classroom instruction and for pupils as an enjoyable extracurricular learning tool.