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F.o.G.—Face on Globe

F.o.G.—Face on Globe is a concept used to study interactions between humans and artifacts. Most interactive robots are designed to have human likeness in order to make their interactions with people more natural.


Deltu is a delta robot with a strong personality that interacts with humans through two iPads. Depending on its mood it plays with the recipients.

The Wandering Artist

The Wandering Artist is a meditation that took place at the European Space Agency on the role that creativity and human expression play in the context of space exploration.

BR41N.IO Hackathon

The BR41N.IO Hackathon brings together engineers, programmers, physicians, designers, artists and fashionistas to collaborate intensively as an interdisciplinary team. They plan and produce their own fully functional EEG-based brain-computer interface headpiece to control a drone, a Sphero or e-puck robot or an orthosis with motor imagery.

A3 K3

A3 K3 is a unique interactive experience. Artworks are created by machine technology and audience participation. Dragan Ilić uses an elaborate brain-computer interface (BCI) system where he controls a hi-tech robot with his brain via state-of-the-art technology.

Mimus: Coming face-to-face with our companion species

Mimus is a giant industrial robot that’s curious about the world around her. Unlike in traditional industrial robots, Mimus has no pre-planned movements–she is programmed with the autonomy to roam about her enclosure.

Hanging Drawbot

“Hanging Drawbot” is a drawing robot that sketches lines self-sufficiently and algorithmically.


The Hexapod is a spider-like robot. Its research objective is to demonstrate the trainability of biomechanical processes in neuronal networks. Thanks to object recognition capabilities, the robot can navigate independently in it field of deployment and execute tasks.

End of Life Care Machine

End of Life Care Machine is an interactive installation consisting of an empty room, a seating area and a reception desk. Signs, medical bracelets, health information forms and other related medical products are used to transform the space into a hospital-like environment, where people go for their final rite of passage.


The 1:1 project is about the relationship between a human and a robot camera—how they grow to be able to imagine each other in complex ways, seeing each other on a 1:1 scale.