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Art Science: From Vision to Practice

In the first panel “Art Science: From Vision to Practice” Prof. Hiroshi Ishii from MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group will lead the discussion about the transdisciplinary nature of creative work that crosses art, design, science and technology.

Experts Tour: Insight Inside: Live Skype to the MRI Laboratory

For her performance Whose Scalpel, Yen Tzu Chang recorded her own heart data with the help of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. We are going to switch to the live stream of the MRI laboratory, where the researchers will give us detailed insights into the functions of the MRI scanner, and we can immediately ask questions and scan real pieces of fruit.

Experts Tour: Controlled Commodities: Ethics and Materiality

Explore the artworks and projects on show at POSTCITY that raise complex ethical issues about developments in science and technology, either in their use of materials or subject matter. Artist Anna Dumitriu will also introduce her own project Controlled Commodity which explores antibiotic resistance and CRISPR gene editing.