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Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency (CSIA)

The “CSIA” is a creative research project that partially replicates an open-source intelligence (OSINT) system, including an interface that allows users to experience how intelligence agents surveil social media posts and two machine-learning classifiers for predictive policing.

Mitwachsende Armprothese

To start out, the various technologies used in existing 3D-printed arm prostheses were compared. In this phase of the project, a lively exchange of ideas via social media with prosthesis developers in Spain and the USA was of great importance.

Made in Linz

Students in the Interface Cultures master’s program experiment with the development of interactive prototypes, musical interfaces, conceptual installations and interaction critiques and also broaden their view by encountering and collaborating with other international fellows who are investigating these topics from a different cultural context. All the artworks, prototypes and various interfaces in this year’s exhibition have been made in Linz.