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AI—The other I Symposium

The “AI—The other I” symposium considers theoretical implications of the increasing integration of neural networks and machine learning in advanced as well as everyday technology. Art and science are heavily influenced by the impact of new exploration methods that these recent technologies provide.

Opening Panel „How Cultures Shape Technology“

We usually focus our considerations on the impact that the introduction of new technologies makes on culture and society. But technology has always been a central part of culture, and not only in its applications. How different cultures form technological developments and applications is the question at this opening symposium.

Spaxels Research Initiative

The Spaxels Research Initiative (SRI) is a loose association of partners in industry and research whose shared interest in swarms has brought them together. Each one—NTT, Audi, Autodesk, Tangible Bits, et al.—pursues this project in accordance with its own particular aims.


Pacathon is an open innovation lab for discussing future play and future society through prototypes exploring new utilizations of PAC-MAN for people. PAC-MAN is a video game algorithm that was released by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. (formerly NAMCO) in 1980.


The project MIRROR OF MINDS is a video installation with hidden content that can be accessed by interaction with the viewer.

Featured Artists: Time’s Up

A new generation of artists emerged in Linz in the 1990s, where, as you might expect in a town of heavy industry, they began concentrating on the technological changes happening in our habitat. Particularly noteworthy is the Time’s Up collective headquartered in the “idyllic” setting of Linz Harbor. The group, which has gone on to make a name for itself worldwide, is this year’s Featured Artist. The Lentos Art Museum will showcase its work.

Disenchantment Space

In an artificial-intelligence society, a code is hidden from people. Even without understanding the meaning of the code we perceive it as a form of magic, which produces new results by using enormous quantities of data and broad parameters.

Robot, Doing Nothing

Robot, Doing Nothing accuses our modern society of being incessantly busy even beyond the confines of everyday life in the workplace. Emanuel Gollob has created a fictitious scenario: the results of studies demonstrate that the efficiency of our society is enhanced by doing nothing.