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An alternative way of sustainable living in a digital future.

Farmers’ Market

Bio Austria is the association of Austrian organic farmers and thus the advocacy group for organic farming in this country. With approximately 12,500 members, it is also Europe’s largest organic farming association.

Featured Artists: Time’s Up

A new generation of artists emerged in Linz in the 1990s, where, as you might expect in a town of heavy industry, they began concentrating on the technological changes happening in our habitat. Particularly noteworthy is the Time’s Up collective headquartered in the “idyllic” setting of Linz Harbor. The group, which has gone on to make a name for itself worldwide, is this year’s Featured Artist. The Lentos Art Museum will showcase its work.

Symposiumsreihe Perspektiven Politischer Bildung

„Ich mach’ mir die Welt, widiwidiwie sie mir gefällt …“ sang Pippi Langstrumpf in der legendären TV-Kinderserie der 60er- und 70er-Jahre des vorigen Jahrhunderts. Wie geht es Kindern, Jugendlichen, aber auch Erwachsenen heute, die in einer globalisierten und digitalisierten Welt aufwach(s)en?