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cellF is Guy Ben-Ary’s self-portrait but also the world’s first neural synthesizer. cellF’s “brain” is made of a living neural network that grows in a Petri dish and controls analog synthesizers that work in synergy with the neural network in real time.

I’m Humanity

The project “l’m Humanity” is based on the concept of “post-humanity music” and explores how new music will be transmitted, recorded, mutated, and diffused whether sung or played via word of mouth, as scores, through radio, records and CDs, or cloud computing.


_nybble_ is an audiovisual, formal and spatial performance in which the media fluctuate between minimal and organic digital aesthetics. Two poles on the same continuum.

Digital Musics & Sound Art – Acoustic Additive Synthesizer

The Acoustic Additive Synthesizer (AAS) is an interactive object and instrument, which is based on the principles of a pipe organ. Pitch and volume, however, are controlled here by a computer. Each of the seven pipes has a motorized piston, which changes the pitch of the sound continuously, and a dedicated motorized air valve, which changes the volume of the sound.