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Selected Works 2016–2017

The project unifies Tobias Gremmler’s most recent video works. The comprehensive topic concerns the digital virtualization of the human, culture and mind.

The Virtual Reconstruction of the Synagogue in Linz

In the Pogrom Night in November 1938, a mob acting on orders of the Nazi regime broke into the Linz Synagogue—like so many other Jewish houses of worship that night—ransacked it and set it ablaze. All that remained of the synagogue was a burnt-out ruin. In conjunction with the work on his master’s thesis at the Technical University of Vienna, René Mathe created a virtual reconstruction of the Linz Synagogue.

Wind of Linz: Data Paintings

Wind of Linz: Data Paintings is a site-specific work commissioned by Ars Electronica that turns the invisible patterns of wind in and around the city of Linz into a series of poetic data paintings within a 6ʹ x 12ʺ digital canvas.

Made in Linz

Students in the Interface Cultures master’s program experiment with the development of interactive prototypes, musical interfaces, conceptual installations and interaction critiques and also broaden their view by encountering and collaborating with other international fellows who are investigating these topics from a different cultural context. All the artworks, prototypes and various interfaces in this year’s exhibition have been made in Linz.

Digital Musics & Sound Art – Volnovod

The idea behind volnovod is based on the principle of conventional iPod earbuds and the special rubber that encases the earbud cables. This material prevents the wires inside from bending or breaking when the earbud cables become twisted or knotted.