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The Unintelligent Machine

The Youth Exchange Project is a workshop that will be held in POSTCITY throughout the festival’s run together with groups of youngsters from other countries. Joseph Herscher is the artist who will be working together with young people to develop the language of the so-called unintelligent machine.

Music Summit

Music Summit provides the opportunity for common discussion on the future of young musicians. This event is supposed to be a starting shot for a multi-year and sustainable pilot project.


In this open lab’s Gamestation, you can play your own adventure games, and on the RasPi Station, you can try out old Nintendo and Playstation games on a DIY console constructed with Makey Makey.

Arduino Reload

In this open lab you have the chance to build a motor-controlled drumstick. We will show you how to assemble the parts and program an Arduino microcontroller.


This open and interactive workshop invites creative minds of all ages to enter a collaborative universe of animated light paintings.


The Zukunftswerkstatt (FutureWorkshop) is the place to produce your own short films, reportage, blogs and animated clips. From brainstorming to shooting to editing to presenting the final cut—crews work together to bring a project to fruition.

BNC – The Amazing Coco Girls

In a three-day animation film workshop offered by the Media High School at BORG15, this crew used a cut-out technique to produce BNC – The Amazing Coco Girls.


RoboCar is an initiative to spotlight some trendy, cool technology to make young people aware of what is happening now and what future prospects are emerging in the ICT (IT, communication and technology) sector.