Mohsen Gallery, Teheran

Founded in 2010, Mohsen Gallery is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Tehran serving as a definitive think tank for ambitious and critically engaging exhibitions of Iranian and international artists, embracing diverse artistic practices: from painting, installation, photography, video art to performing arts and new media. Experimentation is at the core of what we do as we provide a laboratory-like factory that encourages artists to test, question, challenge, and potentially shift perspectives through our commitment to a rigorous, interdisciplinary curatorial approach. In 2011, Mohsen Gallery initiated the first digital art festival in the country. Since then, TADAEX –Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition— has provided a transdisciplinary platform for local and international artists and creative thinkers to meet, collaborate and exhibit their projects. During the eight years since its establishment, the Gallery has staged over 200 exhibitions and published books, catalogs, as well a bilingual quarterly magazine, ZARD, which documents and provides insights into exhibitions and events of Mohsen Gallery and its partner spaces.

Mohsen Projects were designed with the aim of challenging artists and audiences and providing a distinctive, unconventional platform to exhibit artworks created for usually unutilized spaces of buildings in Tehran urban architecture at Mohsen Gallery. Hayat is a 90 square meter space in the courtyard of Mohsen Gallery that interacts with the city and invites the audience to go beyond the boundaries of everyday life. The Hayat Project is a possibility in which an artwork is defined by its reciprocal action with the adjacent street. Specifically dedicated to displaying site-specific artworks, Pasio is a space inside the gallery building, with an area of 7/5 square meters and a height of 9 meters. The Pasio Project is a possibility in which an artwork is defined by its relation to heaven and earth. A roofless space with an area of 282 square meters on top of the gallery building, Bam is a space that challenges the confines of the artist as well as the audience’s experience. The Bam Project is a possibility in which an artwork is defined by its fluid and dynamic dialog with the space.

Artists: Ali Phi (IR), Arya Tabandehpoor (IR)