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Date: 2006

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Project Credits
Manuel Bauer
Robert Bogner
Daniel Fellsner
Roland Haring
Horst Hörtner
Andreas Jalsovec
Michael Lankes
Christopher Lindinger
Pascal Maresch
Jürgen Nussbaummüller


“Gulliver’s World,” one of the Ars Electronica Center’s most popular installations, has been enhanced with an innovative new station!

“City Puzzle” is a simulation game that lets visitors play city planner. You can create a customized city and see what happens when your design turns out to have built-in flaws or when natural disasters occur.

The installation’s central table makes several different worlds available. With Magic Boxes, a city can be created out of various urban architectural elements (buildings of different types and for different uses). The individually laid-out city blocks react to one another, so it doesn’t take long for ill-conceived ensembles—areas that are too densely developed, for instance—to make their presence felt. A network of streets takes shape among the city blocks; the flow of traffic reacts to the architectural facts and circumstances, and simulates the way modern, real-time traffic management systems function.

A specially designed Wind Tool lets users determine wind speed and direction. Pound on the table to trigger a virtual earthquake and then observe its aftermath.

In contrast to screen-based simulated cities, the “City Puzzle” mixed-reality installation lets users control what transpires via haptic interfaces. “City Puzzle” is a fascinating planning tool that enables users to see what consequences an architectural intervention has on its surroundings and on the urban infrastructure.
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