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Stefan Eibelwimmer (AT)
Günther Kolar (AT)
Michael Naimark (US)
Stefan Schilcher (AT)
Gunther Schmidl (AT)
Jutta Schmiederer (AT)
Gloria Hwang Sutton (US)
Nina Wenhart (AT)



In keeping with the 2004 Ars Electronica theme of „TIMESHIFT—the World in 25 Years,“ a unique two-part timeline is produced for the Bruckerhaus lobby. The first is the „t–25“ timeline, depicting the history of Ars Electronica from its beginnings in 1979 to the present time. It includes the evolving variety of exhibitions, performances, and symposia as well as the Prix categories and winners. Images and videos have been selected from the Ars Electronica Archive. A general timeline of relevant events, intended to be representative more than comprehensive, has been compiled as well.

The second is the “t +25” timeline, based on a public website, inviting participants to make predictions for the next 25 years, year by year, and to vote on predictions already posted. Anyone can write. Anyone can vote. It goes online on 8 August 2004 and will exhibit as an installation through the duration of the Festival. When the Festival ends on 7 September 2004, “t +25” closes down and becomes an archive of a cultural experiment. The “t–25” timeline is fixed: it is history. The “t +25” is variable: it is the future. Together they convey the lessons, and the possibilities, of cutting edge art and its role in society.

Michael Naimark - Guest curator
Gloria Sutton - Principal researcher
Stefan Schilcher - Graphic design
Stefan Eibelwimmer, Günther Kolar, Gunther Schmidl - Web design
Jutta Schmiederer - Research
Nina Wenhart - Photo research



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