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Digital Avant-Garde / Prix Selection



“Digital Avant-Garde / Prix Selection” features a selection of work from international artists who received awards at the Prix Ars Electronica from 1990 onwards, the year in which Ars Electronica and ORF introduced “Interactive Art” as a new category in their annual competition. As digital art is increasingly introduced into exhibitions and museums around the world, “Digital Avant-Garde / Prix Selection” functions as an opportunity to view works that shed light on the variant perspectives and definitions of “interactive art” as it has developed as a genre over time. This exhibition presents a limited selection of installations, which are restaged in their original form. The original hardware and software has been reconstructed for several of these projects. These works will ccommodate and reflect the shifts that have occurred in our ever upgrading culture. The work is evolved and recoded without compromising the process and content.

Extended run: 8.9. - 4.10.
daily 10:00 - 18:00
Thursdays 10:00 - 22:00
closed on Tuesdays

The Legible City (1988–1991) – Jeffrey Shaw (AUS)
Think about the people now (1991) – Paul Sermon (UK)
Interactive Plant Growing (1992) – Christa Sommerer (A), Laurent Mignonneau (F)
America’s Finest (1989–1993) – Lynn Hershman (USA)
Inter Dis-Communication Machine (1993) – Kazuhiko Hachiya (J)
Landscape One (1997) – Luc Courchesne (CDN)

In collaboration with Eyebeam, American Museum of the Moving Image, Austrian Cultural Forum
Curated by Benjamin Weil and Gerfried Stocker

The Digital Avant-Garde Exhibition was developed in partnership with SAP, the world´s leading provider of business software solutions. Since 2002, Ars Electronica and SAP have completed several projects that promote the interaction of media art and business.



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