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Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

Ars Electronica Center - Museum der Zukunft


The point of departure of the archive installation is the study “25 Years of Ars Electronica—An Overview as Memory Theater” by Gerhard Dirmoser, a Linz theoretician who has produced a thematic graphic representation of all aspects that seem relevant to Ars Electronica. The wall chart generated in this way simultaneously constitutes the portal to an additional informational level: Ars Electronica’s digital project archive that maintains records of all projects that have been realized in connection with the Ars Electronica Center since 1996.

The analog information interface of the wall chart provides the user with access to the realm of digital data hidden behind it. By physically approaching the printed text elements with a modified PDA, the virtual information can be called up. Thus, the physical wall chart is revealed to a porous surface and the interface with the data sphere.

Hardware Development: Stefan Feldler
Graphic design, software: Philipp Seifried, Birgit Beireder
Content Research: Nina Wenhart
Concept: Helmut Höllerl
Concept, software: Dietmar Offenhuber
Diagram for the Memory Theater: Gerhard Dirmoser
Database / Web Development: Günther Kolar
Database Development: Gunther Schmidl
Exhibition Architecture: Scott Ritter, Jakob Edelbacher
Production: Ellen Fethke
Technical consulting: Gerold Hofstadler, Stefan Hackl



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