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Books & Talks

Artist – Engineer – Inventor? Book presentation and discussion.

07.09. | 11:00 - 12:00


Reinhard Braun, Heidi Grundmann, Wolfgang Hagen, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Dieter Daniels, Barbara U. Schmidt

The publications Artists as Inventors - Inventors as Artists and Re-Inventing Radio. Aspects of Radio as Art look at concepts and strategies of innovation, invention and re-imagination in the field of art, technology and the media.
It is obvious that technology has changed the course of art history, but have artists also influenced the course of technological development?
Are the figures of the artist-engineer and the engineer-artist still relevant or have they been superceded by other models of innovation and re-/invention?

With Reinhard Braun, Dieter Daniels, Heidi Grundmann, Wolfgang Hagen, Barbara U. Schmidt

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