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Bleu Remix - Performance

06.09. | 19:00 - 20:00


Bleu Remix is a performance in which Yann Marussich lets blue liquids seep through his skin thus damaging the interior stir of his body.

In letting these invisble movements appear as if by magic, Yann Marussich opens up the path from the interior to the exterior, from the unconscious to the conscious… Yann Marussich invites visitors to experience a new and intimate voyage through his body. The idea of the remix applies to the sound. In every place, a local musician will take possession of the original sound to remix it and create each time a unique performance.

Andreas Kurz lives in Linz. He works at the interface of visual arts and music on the conception and realization of compositions, sound performances, audio installations, music for the theater and film scores. In addition to his musical activities, Andreas Kurz is active in numerous platforms and cultural initiatives.

Award of Distinction Prix Ars Electronica Hybrid Art

remixed by Andreas Kurz (DE)

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06.09. 19:00 - 20:00

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