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Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana / The Video and New Media Chair

04.09. - 09.09. | 10:00 - 19:00


An under-graduate course and a full post-gradual programme for video and new media studies was launched at the academy in 1988. They include with the conceptualisation of theoretical foundations as well as the planning of production procedures and the invention of interfaces for interactive real time communication. Each project is managed by a production team that involves the author (student at the academy) and students from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. The works are the result of a successful model of networking and the inter-connection of arts and sciences.

The programmes place the academy among the leading educators of young artists in the field of new media practices in Slovenia. Its students are successfully featured at media exhibitions and festivals at home and abroad. In the last two years alone their works have been exhibited at the U3 - 5th Triennial of Contemporary Slovene Art at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, the 1.3. International Festival of Video and New Media in the City Gallery of Ljubljana, the Real Presence at the Instanbul Art Biennial  (2007), and as part of the Enter/tain/ exhibition at the SC Gallery in Zagreb, the Speculum Artium 08 - exhibition of three academies Ljubljana-Vienna-Prague at the City Gallery of Ljubljana, Immaterial, Atelier in Frankfurt and The Oscillation in FabrikArte in Padua (2008).

Releve by Marko Glavač, A Place of Home by Mirjana Batinić, the photo documentary TV Violence by Vana Gačina and the interactive animation Th Strategies by Iztok Amon, which have been selected for presentation at the Ars Electronica's Featured Art Scene, all draw on avant garde, information technology, technological sciences and political activism - and they truly belong in research laboratories, DJ/VJ clubs, university lecture halls, the internet and the public space of mobile telephony more than they do in museum exhibition spaces. (Prof. Srečo Dragan)

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04.09. 10:00 - 19:00
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