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Take Away (data to go) / Specials


06.09. | 10:00 - 18:00


This undertaking will target first and foremost the aspect of brand value and imitation. What this campaign will be destroying are knock-offs of brand-name merchandise, although the real value of an original apparently no longer bears even the slightest relation to the value that the brand claims for that item.

This, of course, is primarily a frivolous game that plays with attitudes toward value, and does so on the basis of the assumption that producing and purchasing knock-offs doesn’t generate all that much resonance in most people’s sense of moral injustice, and perhaps much less than the inhumane conditions under which brand-name merchandise is produced nowadays.

Idea: Martin Honzik
Concept / Project Management: Jochen Zeirzer, Carola Unterberger-Probst

Supported by Zollamt Linz Wels, Reisswolf and Komptech

All Dates:

06.09. 10:00 - 18:00

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