LibroVision - Gesture Controlled Virtual Book

Research findings in the field of computer vision constitute the basis for invisible human-computer interfaces that make possible an intuitive information exchange with media.

LibroVision is designed for flexibility and can be adapted to individual requirements whenever the situation calls for mediating an audience’s encounter with information and presenting it in an interesting way.

Users can browse through the pages of this virtual book by means of simple hand motions without even touching the computer or the screen.

Users’ gestures are registered by a video camera, interpreted in real time, and the resulting data is forwarded to the application’s control module. This creates the linkage between the virtual book’s contents and the user situated in real space.

Plus, the pages are interactive, meaning that videos and hyperlinks can be launched by certain gestures. If the user is interested in details, he/she can make a particular movement to enlarge a page and reposition it on the presentation screen in order to select a desired sector. While functioning in this way, the book seems to be directly linked to the user’s hand, and this performance feature provides especially precise control over content.

With this approach, the Ars Electronica Futurelab is pioneering new means of information retrieval in connection with ephemeral interfaces. The results of research in the “computer vision” field form the basis of invisible human-computer interfaces that make possible intuitive information exchange with the medium.


Horst Hörtner
Senior Executive Developer

Christian Naglhofer

Robert Praxmarer

Reinhold Bidner

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