Advanced Virtual Reality system based on commodity hardware. more

City Puzzle

An interactive simulation environment visualizes technological approaches that city planners and architects of the future will be working with. This installation is an expanded spin-off of “Gulliver’s World,” the Ars Electronica Center’s mixed reality environment, and uses a simple urban planning model as an example illustrating concrete application possibilities. Visitors can manipulate the various scenarios with haptic tools. more

Gulliver´s World

Gulliver’s World thematicizes the relationship between virtual and material reality, and the reality that is a blend of these two components.

Innovision Board

The InnovisionBoard takes the idea of the blackboard and updates it for the Information Age. This media installation thrives on user-supplied content, and constitutes an attractive, dynamic platform for communication in the public sphere. more

Interactive Bar

The Interactive Bar forms the natural biotope of a species of creatures that exhibits a very unique pattern of social behavior. more

LibroVision - Gesture Controlled Virtual Book

Research findings in the field of computer vision constitute the basis for invisible human-computer interfaces that make possible an intuitive information exchange with media. more

VR Flip Chart

The VR Flip Chart is a multifunctional piece of office furniture that performs a wide variety of office functions in tandem with the ARS BOX, a virtual reality system developed at the Ars Electronica Futurelab. more
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