The Sound of Europe
Salzburg, 27.-28. Jan 2006

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Europe in Sight

Mediatizing the Conference's Main Hall

Interactive media installations

bullet European Soundscape
bullet Europe is Real
bullet Europe: A Landscape of Ideas
bullet Leading Opinions

Media Art Interventions

bullet Threshold to the Kingdom
bullet 27. Januar 1945
bullet This is your Victory
bullet Faces of Europe
bullet Strength and Opportunities
bullet Europe all Weather
bullet Ars Electronica Futurelab


Soundtrack of the Conference


Interactive Installations in and around the Conference Venue

Several media installations have been set up in front of and inside the Salzburg Congress Center to showcase a variety of European images and different ways of looking at Europe. The spectrum ranges from emotionally charged soundscapes portraying European diversity to cut-and-dried statistics.

bullet "European Soundscape"
bullet "Europe is Real"
bullet "Europe: A Landscape of Ideas"
bullet "Leading Opinions"