The Sound of Europe
Salzburg, 27.-28. Jan 2006

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Europe in Sight

Mediatizing the Conference's Main Hall

Interactive media installations

bullet European Soundscape
bullet Europe is Real
bullet Europe: A Landscape of Ideas
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Media Art Interventions

bullet Threshold to the Kingdom
bullet 27. Januar 1945
bullet This is your Victory
bullet Faces of Europe
bullet Strength and Opportunities
bullet Europe all Weather
bullet Ars Electronica Futurelab


Soundtrack of the Conference


“January 27, 1945 – In Commemoration of the Victims of the Holocaust”

Digital Animation by Zachary Lieberman.

January 27th, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, is international Holocaust Memorial Day. To mark this, an artistic work commemorating the victims of the Holocaust has been created for “The Sound of Europe” conference.

Handwritten names of children and young adults who were murdered in the Auschwitz concentration camp move across all nine projection screens arrayed around the conference hall. The lines forming the script are suddenly pulled apart from each end and stretched taut. The names are eradicated, and all that remains are thin, frail lines that gradually disappear. (The decision to use only the names of children and young adults alludes to Oliviero Toscani’s photo project “Faces of Europe” that was also produced for this conference.)

This work of digital animation lasts about 10 minutes. When it concludes, the following text appears on screen superimposed upon aerial photographs of Auschwitz II-Birkenau shot during a Royal Air Force reconnaissance flight on August 23, 1944:


61 years ago today, on January 27, 1945, advancing Soviet troops reached the town of Auschwitz and liberated the largest extermination camp in Hitler’s Reich.

Only about 7,000 prisoners survived to experience the day of liberation from this factory of death in which the SS murdered over a million people.


Aerial photographs of Auschwitz-Birkenau:

Lists of names of the victims of the Holocaust: