Sparkasse OÖ Klangwolke 2016: 50th Anniversary of JKU – River of Knowledge

SAT September 10, 2016, 8:30 PM
Credit: Florian Voggeneder

Please note: The warm-up act of the 2016 Klangwolke will start at 7:30 PM in the Donaupark next to the Brucknerhaus. Don’t miss the European premiere of the drone performance “DRONE 100” at 7:45 PM! Read more about DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz.

“Only what we dream is what we truly are, because all the rest, having been realized, belongs to the world and to everyone.” – Fernando Pessoa

Linz’s Johannes Kepler University, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, provides the theme for the 2016 Linzer Klangwolke. River of Knowledge treats the importance of education and the social significance of lifelong learning. Current and historical events will be depicted as imposing scenic images on the Danube and aloft above Donaupark along its south bank, and thus span a dramatic arc from the past to the future. Spectators will be able to experience and feel technological developments the likes of which manifest themselves on a daily basis at JKU. The aim is to show how universities can nurture society, and what impact the visions of science have on our lives.

The River of Knowledge is also meant to register current feelings and moods—nothing less than society’s emotional state—and express in terms of tonal colors social and individual everyday life in which people see themselves as being increasingly confronted by fundamental changes. These raise big questions as to our identity, our sense of self and our relations with strangers, how we deal with one another, and how and what we want to learn. These are questions having to do with the complex structures and interrelationships that make up our world and are now summoning us to go forth into the unknown, into strange, uncharted territory. In plural societies, education opens up a broad horizon of possibilities. Measures to prepare for this open horizon are already being taken by the university, whose mission is to endow students with the capacity to make decisions in accordance with their own interests while always remaining cognizant of the fact that the recognition of others constitutes a precondition for the possibility of fully realizing ones own possibilities.

Artists: Michael Saup, Rica Blunk, Salvatore Vanasco, F.M.Einheit, Uwe Buhrdorf, Stephanie Geiger, Claudius Brodmann, Björn Herrmann, Georg Bochow, Cornelia Wunderlich, Jens Berte, Madeleine Dewald, Oliver Lammert, Christian Czech et al.

In cooperation with Brucknerhaus Linz, LIVA, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Sparkasse Oberösterreich, Meinhard Lukas, Hajo Frey, Ralph Fischer / BUKS, Sevim Belli, Laszlo Puskas, xailabs Gmbh, Die Wellenmaschine Gmbh and Pyrovision