The Mobile Ö1 Atelier

THU September 8, FRI September 9 and SUN September 11, 2016: 10 AM-11 PM
SAT September 10 and MON September 12, 2016: 10 AM-7:30 PM
POSTCITY, Courtyard
Credit: Tom Mesic

Through the intense cooperation with Ars Electronica The Mobile Ö1 Atelier staged by Austria’s cultural public radio station has been a festival fixture for many years now.  It has become an important living art space and comfortable lounge, so this year, 2016, The Mobile Ö1  Atelier is located at the entrance to the festival’s main quarter POSTCITY.

In 2016 The Ö1 Mobile Atelier is once again designed by pneumocell, by the Vienna-based architect Thomas Herzig (AT). pneumocell is an assembly kit consisting of inflatable building elements which can be quickly connected in numerous combinations to form complete constructions. Facing the bright, semi-transparent pavilion reminiscent of biological cell structures.

On the inside The Mobile Ö1 Atelier is both an information point and a project exhibition venue throughout the festival. An acoustic project can be experienced in The Mobile Ö1 Atelier: Expansion of the Universe by composer Rudolf Wakolbinger (AT). By converting scientific data into music, Wakolbinger acoustically illustrates the history of the universe. The composition’s duration of 13.8 minutes reflects the 13.8 billion years from the Big Bang until now. The corresponding sound-installation for Expansion of the Universe is built as a maker project using 216 loudspeakers.

Credits: The Mobile Ö1 Atelier is produced jointly by Radio Österreich 1 and Ars Electronica 2016.

Expansion of the Uniserse / Rudolf Wakolbinger
Photo Credit: Andreas Pikal