Amino One

THU September 8, 2016 - MON September 12, 2016, 10AM - 7:30 PM
First Floor/u19 - Create your World
Amino One Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016Credit: Julie Legault

Julie Legault

Bacteria are beautiful and strange—and they’re also part of a revolution in sustainable advances across food science, energy, health, and materials. Usually when we think about bacteria it’s because we’re trying to get rid of them, but a growing number of scientists, engineers, and hobbyists are using them as a stepping stone for tomorrow’s innovations.

By learning genetic engineering and biotechnology hands-on from the comfort of home or the classroom, you, your family or your students can be leading innovators of the 21st century!

Bioengineering involves lab equipment, lab reagents, analysis and protocols to follow.  Amino One replaces traditional bulky multi-user lab equipment with self-contained desktop systems that take you from theory to practice in one week and comes with all the necessary instructions and ingredients.

With on-screen instructions that are easy to follow, Amino One allows users to go at their own pace and explore bioengineering in depth to create fun things like flavor, colors, scents, materials and more! Each Amino One will be able to run a series of different experiments—start with our first experiment: producing pigments that you can for drawing!