Just Before Paradise

THU September 8, 2016 - MON September 12, 2016, 10AM - 7:30 PM
First Floor, Welcome Area
Just Before ParadiseCredit: Credit: Ridvan Bayrakoglu

There were big waves of migration in the Middle East following wars and massacres. With the civil war in Syria, the pace of long-standing dramatic problems changed. We have witnessed the biggest refugee crisis since WW2. But there is a big difference between now and then: today everything happens much more publicly. This experience of witnessing things in real time increases our anxiety that we may, in the future, end up in their position.

In the video we see a group of refugees waist-deep in dark water. These young men seem like they are singing a quiet anthem as the waves lap up against the shore. They all have a proud expression on their faces as they realize the last duty for their lost friends, with whom they shared a common fate. The silence is more of a survival strategy against traumatic experiences in life rather than resignation. The video draws attention to forced migration and the refugee crisis and also depicts the tides between death and life as a boundless crisis instead of a regional one.

Courtesy the artist Cengiz Tekin and Pilot Gallery (Istanbul)