Murmur L.C. Librans

THU September 8, 2016 - MON September 12, 2016, 10AM - 7:30 PM
First Floor/Gallery
Murmur Pappalardo Exhibition 2016Credit: Credit: Julia Hautojärvi

The work, produced by Fondazione Mondo Digitale, is the result of the school project by the artist at the Tullio Levi Civita school in Rome.

The installation is the representation of an artificial vocal apparatus which creates an abstract artificial language, tracing the physiological function of a natural voice. The interaction and modulation of all natural phonatory organs shapes many speech sounds and phonic-acoustic phenomena. As well as the natural phonatory organs, Murmur uses different sculptural structures that individually participate in the final tonal result. Murmur imitates the natural phonetic apparatus.

The abstract sounds of the installation are based on graffiti found on the school wall. Pictures of damaged materials are rearranged as music score by an artificial intelligence system. The “talking” sculpture was made by using waste materials from the school bar.

Murmur is a “talking” automatic orchestra: an orchestra which tells us the history of the Tullio Levi Civita school.

Selection from BNL Media Art Festival, Rome (sponsored by Fondazione Mondo Digitale) curated by Valentino Catricalà, courtesy BNL BP Paribas Group