Agent Unicorn

THU September 8, 2016 - MON September 12, 2016, 10AM - 7:30 PM
Presentations with Anouk Wipprecht: THU September 8, 2016, 4 PM-5 PM / FRI September 9, 2016, 10 AM-11 AM
Agent Unicorn Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016Credit: Credit: Marije Dijkema

Anouk Wipprecht

The first attendee on the lab floor was hi-tech design celebrity Anouk Wipprecht, who achievde fame for her dresses incorporating science and fashion in order to transcend experiences beyond glamorous looks. Her Intel-Edison-based Spider Dress is a prime example of this aesthetic, where sensors and moveable arms on the dress help to create a defined boundary of personal space while employing a fiery style. Anouk Wipprecht researches how we can interface with the world around us in new ways through our wardrobe. So it was only a natural extension of her work when she introduced Agent Unicorn. The unicorn-horn-shaped wearable should help us to understand children with ADHS in a playful way. During her stay at the Futurelab, she teamed up with therapists, neuroscientists and other experts, creating an accessory that logs the wearer’s observations through EEG. Triggered by brain activity, a built-in camera takes short movies when the wearer’s attention is aroused. From this, therapists can draw better conclusions as to what

caused the child’s attention and how it stresses the wearer. Moreover it eases the interaction between therapist and patient, due to its fanciful look and the opportunity to work with the latest technology.