THU September 8, 2016 - MON September 12, 2016, 10AM - 7:30 PM
First Floor/Welcome
Radwende Event Festival 2016Credit: Radwende

Radwende is a petition tool for improving the cycling infrastructure. It works simply by cyclists tracking their routes. These routes then are consolidated in a map that is used by city planners.

The installation records the routes traveled by cyclists every day and so “produces” a work of art each day.

The reward: every kilometer driven equals real currency, because for every 5.000 kilometers driven, the City applies a bicycle-friendly measure. In addition, users can pay our partners with their kilometers.

For 100 km you can purchase the Ars Electronica Festival catalog for 15,- euros
For 150 km you can purchase the Ars Electronica Festival day ticket for 34,- euros

Try it yourself:
– Download the Radwende Linz app for iOS and Android.
– Bicycles are available at the installation, a bicycle and you will become part of the artwork.
– Win one of the works of art.

Take a bike shuttle between POSTCITY and AEC-Rental Station at POSTCITY.


Installation: Manfred Kraft, Tom Kresin, Michael Volkmer
App & Website: Nanna Beyer, Sandra Freudenreich, Fabian Kretschmer, Thomas Kuster, Yuliyan Iliev
Linz Scout: Veronika Krenn