Hybrid Kalahari

THU September 8 - MON September 12, 2016, 10 AM-7:30 PM, STARTS Labs

Amit Zoran, Jennifer Jacobs

As digital makers, we see value in learning from non-digital craftspeople. In this work, we explore how collaborative making with non-digital makers can provide insight into traditional craft practices and values. In 2014, we visited Ju/’hoansi community in Namibia that preserves an ancient craft, bringing with us digital design and fabrication tools. Working together, we merged digital tools with ostrich eggshell jewelry craft to produce a series of hybrid artifacts. The work and collaboration demonstrate how making can sustain communication despite significant differences in style, practice, and culture.

All work is done as a collaboration between the Ju/’hoansi members of the Grashoek and //Xaoba villages, including: Seg//oe |Kunta, N!oce Daqm, N/aoka lui, Daqm Boo, //ao |kumta, N≠aisa Khau, Beh |Kaece, !amace N!aici, Xoa??an |ui, N!hukxaa Glaq’o, Kxao Khan||an in conjunction with Jennifer Jacobs and Amit Zoran Photographer is Amit Zoran