Orbital Perspective

On October 1, 2013, I left my dream job, the job I had worked my entire life to achieve, a job that took me to the depths of the ocean and to space. I left my career as a NASA astronaut for one compelling reason, to be able to share a very unique perspective our planet full time.


Agbogbloshie is a district in the teeming metropolis of Accra in West-African Ghana. The world’s largest electro-waste dump is located here. 22 hard-drives brought back to Austria from this dump are the starting point for the ‘Behind the Smart World’ research Lab.

Current and future applications of BCIs

BCIs translate brain activity into control signals for numerous applications, including tools to help severely disabled users communicate and improve their quality of life.

Deep Space 8K: Media Wall Nexus

Media Wall Nexus is community forming public art project of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Art & Heritage Museum, Singapore. It explores new terrains to enhance digital interactive media and fine-art expressions

Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy – QUT 2016

The Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy comprises a range of activities that share the goal of knowledge transfer and exchange with educational institutions and organizations acting at the nexus of art, design and technology.

Ready to Crawl

Hiroshi Sugihara
Machines are usually completed by assembling parts which are manufactured in different ways and from different materials. In additive manufacturing (AM) it is possible to make several parts in an assembled state as one machine.


Michael Kugler, Sebastian Wolf
In the collaborative work Brume fog emerges from and self-organizes on the surface on a sculptural element, congealing with light into an elusive stratum. The installation utilizes a series of ultrasonic transducers that generate thick clouds of dense, yet extremely lightweight water vapor.

ORI*LAB Masterclass

We offer insight into our research and development process, and actively pursue it with the method of learning by teaching, by conducting a masterclass in-situ with participants selected by open call.