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Modular Rhythm Machine

Credit: Nicolas Kisic Aguirre

Nicolas Kisic Aguirre (PE)

The importance of sound and rhythm is manifested in events such as military marches, protests, manifestations of celebration or spiritual rituals. Interested in the relationship between power and amplification or multiplication of sound, this machine was designed and built as a vehicle to explore and discover such subjects. A tool to highlight questions about the meaning and forces behind rhythmic patterns, synchronicity, syncopation and chaos.

Currently, the Modular Rhythm Machine is composed of 36 modules. Each is conceived both as a modular construction piece and as a self-playing wooden box-drum. They are respectively equipped with a servo-motor attached to a stick and an ultrasonic sensor to detect people’s proximity. Its modularity allows for flexibility in shape, size and construction.

This project is funded in part by the Council for the Arts at MIT and by MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology.