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Prix Forum II – Digital Musics & Sound Art

One of the absolute highlights of every Ars Electronica is the opportunity to meet Prix Ars Electronica prizewinners. Chaired by Prix Ars Electronica jurors, these discussions provide fascinating insights into the individual categories.

Obosen Dutertador

This performance is an electroacoustic and video piece reflecting on the current political climate in the Philippines. It attempts to translate the current climate of demagogy, terror and disdain for the democratic institutions of this Southeast Asian country into sound and visuals.

Roads Less Travelled by . . .

The exhibition “Roads Less Travelled by . . .” features student projects from the Art and Technology course and the Erasmus Joint Master in Media Arts Cultures at Aalborg University. All student projects are the results of critical academic inquiries into art, technology and culture involving problem-based research and learning processes.

Whose scalpel

“Whose scalpel” is a sound performance combined with a visual and 3D-printed installation, realized with an application framework for medical-image processing. Mixing several methods from art and science, it is an imagination of the future and presents the issues in the relationship between human and machine in heart surgery.

Monastic Vowels of a Computational Kind

Religion projects the design thoughts and creation laws of a super being, a creator able to demonstrate super-complex structures. The human fear of the unknown and of the inexplicable around us welcomes a super being, a common accepted way of reasoning.


The goal of our artistic-scientific research project trees: Rendering Ecophysiological Processes Audible, was to connect sounds that occur in trees with ecophysiological processes and thus investigate and render perceptible processes in plants that are not noticeable to humans.

Letter Reader

A device aimed using sound to create a connection between people.

Modular Rhythm Machine

The importance of sound and rhythm is manifested in events such as military marches, protests, manifestations of celebration or spiritual rituals. Interested in the relationship between power and amplification or multiplication of sound, this machine was designed and built as a vehicle to explore and discover such subjects.

Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum Mobile is a composition for a twelve-channel sound installation. Twelve loudspeakers stand in a circle. Every second a note moves from one speaker to the next, clockwise.

our audible/profitable economy/exhibition

In our audible/profitable economy/exhibition financial microtransactions are transformed into extra tonal sound structures. The exhibition consists of several coin-operated machines, each dedicated to a specific sonic event.