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Credit: JST ERATO Kawahara Universal Information Network Project

Hiroki Sato (JP), Kenichi Nakahara (JP), Koya Narumi (JP), Yasuaki Kakehi (JP), Ryuma Niiyama (JP), Yoshihiro Kawahara (JP)

Papilion is an environmentally responsive experimental architecture making use of soft robotics technology. The surface covering the dome can change shape by the wing-like units using actuators driven by temperature conditions. It seems that the building itself is breathing. This is a proposal for an architectural element, that differs from the usual hard ones.

The viewer can experience this surface adapting to the environment, inviting in light, moisture and sound. The wing-like units of the surface are modular and can thus be replaced or expanded. It is also possible even to mass-produce cheap individual units using printing technology. The information necessary for production and the design files for this project are published open-access on Github.


This work was produced with the support of the JST ERATO Kawahara Universal Information Network Project.