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Regenerative Reliquary

Credit: Charlie Nordstrom

Amy Karle (US)

Leveraging the intelligence of human stem cells, Amy Karle created Regenerative Reliquary a bioprinted scaffold in the shape of a human hand 3D-printed in a biodegradable PEGDA-hydrogel that disintegrates over time.

The sculpture is installed in a bioreactor, with the intention that human Mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs from an adult donor) seeded onto this design will eventually grow into tissue and mineralize into bone on the scaffold.

Regenerative Reliquary made artistic, scientific and technological advances as it required and inspired new innovations for its creation, as well as influencing a new way of thinking. Amy Karle’s bioart work expands opportunities for art and design, biomedical applications, healing and enhancing our bodies, and opens minds to create things that it was never possible to create before.


Collaborators: Bio-nano scientist Chris Venter, Material Scientists John Vericella and Brian Adzima

Sponsors: Autodesk, California Academy of Sciences, Exploratorium—The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception and The Bone Room