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al-dente is a prototype to control an object’s stiffness using a complex structure realized by additive manufacturing (AM) technology. AM, used in 3D printing, permits the fabrication of complex shapes and can be used to produce physical properties that have previously been hard to control.

Roads Less Travelled by . . .

The exhibition “Roads Less Travelled by . . .” features student projects from the Art and Technology course and the Erasmus Joint Master in Media Arts Cultures at Aalborg University. All student projects are the results of critical academic inquiries into art, technology and culture involving problem-based research and learning processes.

Sentient Veil

Sentient Veil is a jewel-like canopy containing multiple miniature sound processors interwoven with hundreds of digitally controlled lights installed within the historic galleries of the lsabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


“beauty(never)fades” is an AR application that visualizes the perception of feminine beauty from ancient times until today.

Out in the Dark

“Out in the Dark” is a mixed-media installation in combination with a music video. A wooden sculpture is used as a mapping object and as a stage-set for a performance.

Cognition Schöffer

Cognition Schöffer is an abstract interactive mobil sculpture, dedicated to the pioneer of cybernetic art, Nicholas Schöffer.

Computer Music & Media Composition

The three installations presented at the POSTCITY, laying out sonic spaces rather than musical sequences, reflect not only this fundamentally open approach to the question of what musical art is or could be these days, but also the media composition course’s deep integration into the university’s other fields of study.


Field is a light installation combining fluorescent tubes and Tesla coils. It utilizes the coils’ high-voltage fields to illuminate surrounding tubes without the use of physical power connections.

Sculpture of Time

Sculpture of Time is several works developed from the toki- series. Their creation started with the question of what it means to “move.” These works realize time, something that cannot be seen, by connecting two-dimensional movement to the third dimension through 3D printing.